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TeleTax Networking builds and design entire networks for Tax Companies.

We offer an efficient network infrastructure design, VPN network service, server configuration, network configuration, hardware/software installation, computer/laptop/server and printer services, wireless networks, monitoring, internet/system security protection, backup solutions, and maintenance for TAX Companies.

TeleTax Networking enhances the value of your business and services by setting you apart in the marketplace by giving you a reliable technical support team that you and your company can depend on. TeleTax Networking offers FREE On-Site Network Consultation and confidential advice service. We provide superior on-site engineering / technical support services for small to medium tax business.


TeleTax Networking prides itself in Business Intelligence (BI). As our customers you will have access to vital engineers / technicians that allows our customers to adjust their service delivery model to meet their network needs head on. Our Business Intelligence platform helps us to build the ultimate customer experience that every service provider is striving to achieve. By increasing the productivity of your company by avoiding network outages or failed devices  by  building a reinforced network design, daily monitoring, security prevention and continue maintenance of your network year round that give our customers a peace of mind that their network is stable and secure.

Our customer’s network data is extremely valuable to their company.  It’s more than just a tax filing of what was file on yesterday, last month or last year.  It’s where TeleTax Networking can assist our customers to help them analyze their network to ensure that your company is viable in today’s Tax marketplace and for future expansion of your business.

TeleTax Networking - Next Generation of Information Technology